Average Delivery Time
is 20 Minutes! No Fees!
Call or Text Now!
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Green Tiger Delivery is a Prop 215 Compliant,
patient-run service for medical marijuana patients
by a registered CA Non-Profit.
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(562) 235-8185
We are open EVERYDAY
from 9am - Midnight.
Long Beach, Seal Beach, Signal Hill, Lakewood,
Paramount, San Pedro, and if you don't sound
too scary on the phone - Wilmington.
Go see Dr. Rose.
He's open on Saturdays.

LBC Evaluations
(562) 599-8420
720 Alamitos Ave
Long Beach, CA 90813
What is the minimum for delivery?
Anything on the menu.
Is there a delivery fee?
Never! But, the drivers always appreciate a tip.
What are your First Time Patient Specials?
A New Car! Just kidding!
First Time Patients get a FREE Gram and
a groovy Green Tiger fridge magnet.
Is the delivery person going to
come inside my home?
No. Due to security purposes, and a serious
lack of available parking in Long Beach,
we ask that the patient come out to the
car when the Green Tiger arrives.
How do I sign up as a first time patient?
Simply call and state that you are a first time patient. The operator will ask you a few standard questions, and then our driver will scan and verify your documents in person when he, or she, arrives with your delivery. Very Easy.
Do you accept out of state doctors recs?
No. You have to have an up-to-date doctors rec issued from a California doctor.
Do you accept out of state I.D.'s,
Military I.D.'s, and Passports?
Yes! As long as it was issued by some form of government entity and is respected by other government entities.

We do NOT accept school I.D.'s or
LA Fitness membership cards.
I don't have my actual recommendation letter,
but I do have a copy of it. Can I just email or text you the copy?
No. We need to see, feel, and inspect your actual physical recommendation letter or card. Your Photoshop skills won't fool the Green Tiger.
Can I inspect the ganja before donating?
All of our stuff is pre-weighed into vacuum sealed 1/8 bags. However, nothing goes on the menu without us personally "testing" it, and if after a few puffs you are not feeling the way you need to be feeling then give us a call back and we will happily come swap it or for a different strain.
Are you currently looking for growers?
At the moment we are fine. We have a few farmers that we have been working with for years, and we like to maintain a steady relationship with them, but feel free to leave us your info. You never know when we will be in a crunch.
Are you currently looking for suppliers
of wax or concentrates?
No. We only carry good stuff from the Earth.
If you have any questions not found on this page then feel free to give us a call or shoot us a text.